Puppy Boot Camp Training Near Me

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Puppy Boot Camp Training Near Me. I just sent my puppy away for doggie boot camp. Our puppy had 2 accomplishments (housebreaking and.

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A dog’s behavior is not just a reflection on you, but it’s a reflection on the dog community as a whole. With over 65 years of combined training experience and one of our graduate degrees in mpbc philosophy, you and your new best friend will start off on the right paw! Our dog boot camp is an intensive, professional boarding and training program followed by a series of handler sessions.

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Make your dog amazing with dog boot camp training in kansas city. We also offer dog training lessons specializing in puppy and dog socialization, obedience, behavior problem solving, competition obedience, and team. Older dogs are welcome as well in my boot camp programs and benefit immensely from the beneficial socialization that happens in my program. Dog board and train boot camp' some dogs are more difficult, aggressive, and/or the problems have persisted and developed so that the best option is to send the dog away for boot camp.